Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saffy Bux's Boutique Rowdy & Rebellious Makes ASOS!

Photography by Karis Barnard

Saffy Bux, known to most as just a party girl, recently set up a boutique with Yvonne Harris called 'Rowdy & Rebellious' specialising in customising vinatge wear with a rock twist. What started out on the markets of London has really turned into something much bigger. The girls have landed a store on ASOS, and I can now officially announce that Rowdy & Rebellious have been approached by American fashion company UStrendy and asked to franchise. I have known Saffy for a longtime now, and this year also saw her graduating with a BA in Fashion & Media Promotions. Nice to see everything coming together for her - congrats.

Look out for Rowdy & Rebellious on...





saffy bux said...

Love it jay!! thank u xxxx

Jsky said...

keep doing your thing! ;)