Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jskychat Exclusive: Nico Mirallegro Interview Coming Soon!

Nico Mirallegro in Upstairs, Downstairs (BBC)

The other day I caught up with actor/friend Nico Mirallegro to take some cool new pictures and interview him for you guys and babes. See below for a taste and stay tuned for the full Jskychat exclusive interview with the ex-Hollyoaks turned BBC star.

Photography by Jskyphotography. All rights reserved.


pinkyandrexa said...

Can't wait to see the full interview! Nico's amazing, I interviewed him too a while ago for my film blog, via twitter. :) ...If you let me know when the interview's online I could link to it on (Nico Mirallegro Fans). I am @pinkyandrexa on twitter.

The photo shoot looks ace as well! :D ...........Pinky

Jsky said...

Yeah sure....I'll tweet you when it goes live :) -Thanks.