Saturday, 27 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Leona Lewis / Avicii - Collide

Great song, although I was expecting more from the video. I'm not too sure about the fringe either. Faultless vocals, and the waves crashing against the bodies is definitely an interesting take on the whole collision theme. If I were to have shot this video though I would have thought of something much more gritty, like Leona in the middle of a warzone dressed in army gear working as a medic rescuing a love interest. What do you think?

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Beyoncé - 1+1

A video as beautifully crafted as the song itself, fully embracing all aspects of love, sensuality and womanhood. The strong, the sexy and the vulnerable all passionately depicted with strong defined shapes, slow motion and kaleidoscopic editing. This song at it's very essence is about trust, and we get to see that in this video by the very inclusion of the love interest who catches Beyoncé when she falls, and holds her up in his big, strong arms. Sweat encrusted with diamanté, an ice cube on the lips, wind tasseled hair. This video is what I like to call effortlessly cool. Beyoncé Knowles, 'make love to me....'.

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Rihanna - Cheers (Drink To That)

The life of Rihanna; from the shows to the parties. All very entertaining to bear witness to, especially to the powerful profanities of '...don't let the b*stards get you down'. I've liked this song for a long time now. I love the whole vibe. And the video is just as apt as it all comes across as very real. We also start to see Rihanna's transition from a fiery red head. I take it she's working on a whole new image for her next album again.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Casting Call: Model Search owner Umar Kamani is on the hunt for a new female model for the latest trends, and the casting is open to anyone over the age of 16. Contestants will be judged by some very special guest judges including Ryan Thomas and Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street), and Jsky will be on hand to cover the event for Jskychat. Interested in taking part? The casting takes place Sunday 2nd October at 20 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1EZ. To register please email details to Follow @umarboohoo for updates and Boohoo giveaways!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Jsky - Self-Destruct (Greg Francis Remix)

I recently teamed up with one of Sway's leading rappers Bigfoot (of Team Dcypha) on a track called Self-Destruct. This track is unlike any collaboration I've ever done and the energy that Bigfoot brings to it has totally taken this song to another level. In the run up to this track going viral Greg Francis has re-worked a snippet of the vocals to deliver yet another stonkingly good remix for all my house fans.

My last Greg Francis remix for 'Weekend Song' has been accredited by the likes of Umar Kamani (owner of and Rosso Restaurant) who said he loved the 'quircky vocals'. Manchester's finest DJ Carlton Delingo told me 'Your voice is really special', and Anthony Lowther (GQ Model/Founder of MyDragonFly) went even further to say 'It's one of the best tunes I have ever heard. It's incredible'.

Be great to find out what everyone thinks of the new track. And stay tuned to full version with Bigfoot!

Saffy Bux's Boutique Rowdy & Rebellious Makes ASOS!

Photography by Karis Barnard

Saffy Bux, known to most as just a party girl, recently set up a boutique with Yvonne Harris called 'Rowdy & Rebellious' specialising in customising vinatge wear with a rock twist. What started out on the markets of London has really turned into something much bigger. The girls have landed a store on ASOS, and I can now officially announce that Rowdy & Rebellious have been approached by American fashion company UStrendy and asked to franchise. I have known Saffy for a longtime now, and this year also saw her graduating with a BA in Fashion & Media Promotions. Nice to see everything coming together for her - congrats.

Look out for Rowdy & Rebellious on...




Jsky to March In Support of the Albert Kennedy Trust at Manchester Pride 2011

The Albert Kennedy Trust provides support for young people who have been made homeless or are unsafe in their lives as a result of homophobia (quite often at the hands of their parents). In support of this amazing foundation I will be taking part in the Parade at this years Manchester Pride 2011 this Saturday 27th August. #ItGetsBetter

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Lady Gaga - Yoü and I

Upon first watch this video will leave you asking more questions than it answers. What you will witness is mildly intrepid and pushes the same buttons that Gaga has a track record of pressing. Taking the song on it's audio merit, this track has been built for the raptures of stadium stature and radio airwaves will embrace this. Like a lot of videos out today though, this is not a music video for children. There are toned down scenes of torture, pain and submission, even if displayed in a manner of symbolism. Whether or not you think of Lady Gaga as an attention-seeker, one thing is for sure...she will continue to get it.

Monday, 15 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft

Ms Dynamite has been around for a very long time, but it is only really in the last year or so that she has really started to find her place. Her first album was largely received but her second didn't quite live up to expectations. Tracks such as "Wile Out' and her collaboration with Katy B however rocketed Ms Dyanmite back into the mainstream, doing what she does best. Her latest track builds on this and the video is highly apt. She could very much be on the right path now.

The Story of Saturday Night OUT NOW - Elite Magazine hits stores free with Haunted Magazine

What a journey it has been! Big shout out to cover model Jaydee Lou and Fraser Mutch for getting me on board, and also to Sara Beverly Jones for her Beauty Column for the ladies each month. Elite Magazine is now on sale and available from good stockists such as WHSmith, free with Haunted Magazine. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit creeped out getting Haunted Magazine but the first printed edition is finally here complete with the latest installment of 'The Story of Saturday Night' compliments of your boy Jsky. Check it out!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Jsky - Weekend Song (Greg Francis Remix)

I know Alan Carr Chatty Man has finished, but 'What a week it's been!'. Never before has a weekend felt more deserving by all in the aftermath of the devastating riots that ravaged the streets. Super cool DJ Greg Francis has remixed one of my new works 'Weekend Song'. I wrote the lyrics whilst in a studio session with Rory Holland, and the vocals were recorded in a bedroom studio. The sound engineering and vocal effects are all courtesy of Greg Francis' vision.

DJ's, advertising agencies, fans and the like, tweet @jskychat "I Want The Weekend Song Remix" for a free copy, as a thank you for your support.

Casting Call: New MTV Show

MTV are developing an exciting new show about people from Liverpool and are looking for people who can show that Liverpool is truly the place to be for glamorous nights out, wild house parties and beautiful people !

MTV wants to hear from you !

They are looking for Liverpool's hottest, funniest and fittest young people to take part in an exciting new show.
• Are you between 18-26?
• Are you proud to be from Liverpool?
• Do you love to party and go out all the time?
• Are you young, good looking and have a great personality?
• Do you turn heads where ever you go?
• Are you up for a laugh?

Also be sure to suggest us to any of your friends who might be up for taking part.............

To apply, please send a photo and brief description of yourself to

Friday, 12 August 2011

Jskychat Exclusive: Nico Mirallegro Interview

Nico Mirallegro executed the complex character of Newt in a gripping storyline of young love, schizophrenia and hedonism in Hollyoaks. He has since left to star in the 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. I caught up with Nico for a quick chat and some cool new pictures.

For those who don't know, what is Upstairs, Downstairs?
Upstairs/Downstairs is a period BBC Drama set in the 1930's. It is set in a household where it's divided. Upstairs of the house is for the owners, family & friends. Downstairs is where all the workers stay e.g maid, footman, cook... It focuses on the two different style of lives they all live.

Tell me about your character, and what you like about this particular role?
I play a character called Johnny Proude, who is the footman of the house. He comes from a northern mining village in search of some proper work. In the first series he developed a relationship with the house maid, which all turns sour.

Do you miss working on Hollyoaks, and do you still watch it?
Yeah I still miss everyone at Hollyoaks, because it was like a massive family! But we do a lot of charity football matches, so I see them all the time!

You're really into your football aren't you? Tell me about that. Are you any good?
I love football, I'm a massive fan of MUFC...also a season ticket holder! Apparantly I'm not too bad myself..? :)

What can we expect to see from you in the future? What would be your ideal next role?
There's something on the BBC called 'Body Farm' coming out in October I think... (they never tell us when it's coming out). I'm playing a heroin addict/rentboy so that was interesting! It's a spin off from 'Waking the dead' so it should be GOOD!

What actors do you look up to or are you a fan of?
Di Caprio/Johnny Depp/Marlon Brando - Three actors I really look up to and aspire towards!

Lastly, what do you think of Jsky? Be as honest as you like.
Your dancing is terrible and your fashion sense is 'not arsed'. The blog is great because it's got so much variety to it and news about different things.

Stay tuned for more Jskychat Exclusives....

Photography by Jskyphotography. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! The Saturdays - All Fired Up

The Saturdays very much came to rise in fruition after the Girls Aloud cultivation, and have adopted a similar loyal following that impresses teenage girls, and FHM audiences alike. Their latest video 'All Fired Up' has just gone viral and shows the girls taking another step in their own take of modern dance/pop. It is extremely cheesy and of the moment but definitely has the marksmanship of a proficient popular production team as the repeat value is very high. I like it, for now.

Hip Hop Fans Relish At New Jay-Z + Kanye West Joint Album Watch The Throne

For Hip Hop to work it needs to feel classic whilst reaching new heights. Lyrics should be smart and tightly interwoven between drums of varying cultures; expressionism at it's fullest. It connects with the mind and should be felt with the heart, liberating individuals of all class, background and orientation, furthermore unifying audiences. 'Watch The Throne' does just that much more succinctly.

An album littered with future anthems to empower such as 'Who Gon Stop Me', 'Illest Motherf*cker Alive' and 'H.A.M.'. 'Gotta Have It' echoes impressions of early Wu Tang, whereas 'Why I Love You' featuring Mr Hudson is easily clear standout single material. This right here is a very cool byproduct of slick collaborations and high end production. Beyonce even features. It definitely gets the Jsky seal of approval.

Camaraderie Is Dead

Like screaming on mute,
Drowning ignored,
Illegible writing, foreign tongues,
An irritation; an itch unquelled,
Blurred vision,
Tired answers,

Hollow shells on legs,
Emotionless dregs,
Unrelatable to neighbours,
Camaraderie is dead.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jskychat Exclusive: Nico Mirallegro Interview Coming Soon!

Nico Mirallegro in Upstairs, Downstairs (BBC)

The other day I caught up with actor/friend Nico Mirallegro to take some cool new pictures and interview him for you guys and babes. See below for a taste and stay tuned for the full Jskychat exclusive interview with the ex-Hollyoaks turned BBC star.

Photography by Jskyphotography. All rights reserved.

Friday, 5 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Nicole Scherzinger - Wet

The new video 'Wet' sees Nicole Scherzinger looking very much like a Pussycat Doll again. Whilst her solo material from her album 'Killer Love' is more Dance/Pop than her R&B influenced Pussycat roots, the sexy dance towards the end of the video is sure to please members of both audiences (although God knows what is going on with her breasts during that section, they look bullet-proof!). The song in general is very much synonymous with the rest of what's on the radio these days, but is sure enough to get a dance out of a sixteen year old girl or someone on a night out in Canal Street. The question is, "Would I dance to this on a night out?". Probably.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Wet' >Video: Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Wet</a>

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Katy B - Witches Brew

I never thought Katy B would release this track. It's not that I didn't like it, it just never stood out to me as a single as much as her previous chart entries. Having said that though this does make for an interesting radio song. The video is mediocre at best, but far from terrible. For those unfamiliar with the song however this may prove to be a grower. The hook is nice, as with all Katy B songs. I'm not sure how this will chart though.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Emeli Sandé - Heaven

My heart has been captured by the true beauty of this song for the past few weeks, filling my life like a soundtrack. A by-product of soul, house, art and drums with an essence of old school hip-hop and breakbeat. The result is something I accredit a few tracks as being; textbook. The video could have been a disappointment, but it wasn't. It keeps with the style and focuses on the instrumentation of the record. Definitely a modern classic in the making.