Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Jskychat Exclusive: How I Saved My Face

My face is far albeit the finished article, but those of you who knew me through my University years often ask me how the quality of my skin has improved so much. My face used to be like the Himalayas. I was using a product I trusted would help improve my acne. I was to learn years later by chance that this product contained ingredients (such as hydroquinone) that are extremely dangerous and harmful to the skin.

It was 2006. My skin was getting worse. I knew I was to blame but it felt like I had tried everything. I was secretly at my wits end. There were times I would swerve nights out because I didn't want my picture taken, whereas on the flipside I would binge to the extreme on cheap alco-pops that coupled with my mixed emotions and lifestyle would make my skin worse. The truth was, as much as I tried to mask it, my face was not only a reflection of how I was treating it, but how I was feeling.

When black skin is damaged by acne, cuts or bruises, dark marks are left which can often take a long period of time to fade. It is easy to become negged out when confronted by the mirror but the most important thing to remember is that we are all a work in progress and no one is in fact the finished article. I visualised what I wanted to become and took steps to get there. Years later, I am confident to share some tips with you. This is just advice though and what works for myself. I cannot be held liable for anything that does not work for you. Everyone's skin is different. I do believe however, that a bit of guidance is beneficial to all if shared.

How I saved my face:
- Water
The Institute of Medicine recommends that men have 3 litres (13 cups) and women have 2.2 litres (9 cups) a day. Personally, I usually get around 6 cups of water a day. It is important not just to drink when you are thirsty as by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated and the thirst that you feel is your body's way of warning you. Moisture is a key factor in good skin and so your water intake is crucial.

- Exercise
30 minutes of daily exercise is recommended for health reasons but I think this is easy to surpass due to the fact that most of your day to day tasks can be intergrated into a mini workout. Some of my personal favourites are carrying heavy shopping bags, excessive dancing on nights out and running for the bus. When blood is pumped faster around the body, new cells can be produced at an accelerated pace.

- Beware fast food, sweets and dodgy drinks
When faced with temptation, ask yourself 'Will eating or drinking this make me happy enough to handle the negative results?' or moreover, 'Is a moment of tiny delight worth it?'. The occasional treat is good but a blanket of treats to mask your feelings will only make things worse. Excessive sugars and ingredients found in fast food can hinder the development of your facial skin and often lead to spots.

- The regime: Face scrub/witch hazel/face cream + steam once a week
I use St Ives Face Scrub because it is cheap, gentle and suitable for all skin types. From my experience products targeted at teenage acne can in fact antagonise your skin, serving as a catalyst for future flare ups when you stop using the product. A good facial scrub should be applied gently in a circular massaging motion bringing blood cells to the surface of the skin and opening your pores. I then cleanse using a cheap no brand witch hazel on a cotton pad which acts as an astringent to tighten the surface of the skin. Finally I use Fashion Fair Vantex Skin Toning Face Cream which is hydroquinone free. This serves to add moisture and close your pores and should also be applied in a circular massaging motion. Any excess moisture should be wiped away using a cotton pad. If you have a big event coming up and you would like to take that extra step I recommend steaming your face for 5-10 minutes once week. This also does not have to be expensive. You can simply fill a large basin with boiling hot water, place your head above and cover with a towel. This should take place at the start of this regime. In addition to this, every two months I do facial excerises in front of a mirror which is really strange.

- Remember to rest
Sleep time is paramount. Your face will not recover if it is not rested so it is quintessential that you get your beauty sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours a night if you can. If this is not possible, say for example because of work or a party, my advice would be to catch up on a weekly basis. Sounds obvious, but you would surprised the amount of people who do not get enough sleep and then wonder why the quality of their skin is deteriorating.

Love your face for it is yours. Make of it what you will; it's never too late.

Monday, 26 December 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Rihanna - You Da One

Very much a promo for her new album Talk That Talk, Rihanna's latest music video 'You Da One' plays on her wild side as a seductress and debuts her latest blonde additions. The black and white shots complement her features but as a whole this is a far cry away from 'We Found Love'. Radio friendly with the omission of the n-bomb and enough to get the girls and guys fired up. The synonymity of the graphics used here and in her current advertisements do make it a tad obvious that the primary objective here is for album sales.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Willow featuring Nicki Minaj - Fireball

As far as cool kids go, Willow and Jaden Smith top the list. The Smith family are incredible. Will's Wisdom still continues to inspire and was here at the very beginning of Jskychat. The brand new Willow Smith single for 'Fireball' has not long gone viral and features a guest appearance from Nicki Minaj. Very cute.

Friday, 16 December 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Gary Lucy Grafts + The Man Who Invented Donkey Kong!

I was running late. I had just watched The X Factor final and fallen on my arse. Well, I say 'fallen'....what I mean is I dropped, skidded and barrell rolled a couple of times on black ice. Cracking way to start a night out. Stellar performance Jsky. What is it with falling over in public? No matter how much pain you are in you will always shoot straight back up and try and act like nothing happened. My hands were bright red. I'd earned my first drink.

I limped over to Livingroom. It was extremely over-crowded, and there were a lot of guys trying to argue their way into the premises. One of the doormen recognised me instantly and let me cut in. Because I'm always rushing to get out on time I never really get to spend that much time on my outfit anymore. I gauge my outfits upon reaction. So far so good.

I was meeting my girl Sarah Lawrence. She was accompanied by Gary Lucy and couple of other friends. He seemed fascinated by me. I couldn't quite tell if he was taking the mic or just wasted. From Livingroom we were chauffeured to Panacea. I later learned that the gentleman sat next to me en route was responsible for inventing the first ever Donkey Kong and Goldeneye video games. I was well impressed.

Panacea was a lot of fun. Our table was complete with one of those ginormous man-sized bottles of Belvedere Vodka. There was only one way this night was going to end; the same way it started...with me on my arse! I bumped into my old friend from University Leon Doyle who joined us for drinks. This was the first time we'd caught up since his recent appearance on BBC's The Apprentice. He was still very much the same guy I remembered.

Midnight had passed us; Bijou time! Gary Lucy and I in our drunken state decided to amuse ourselves and make somewhat of an entrance. Inwards we waltzed, one arm linked, the other on each others bum. The crowd parted like the Red Sea, frozen expression and bewilderment in their eyes. 'What the hell is Jay doing!?', I relished the reaction. It was banter for the morning after. I did not expect this to be followed up by a cheeky snog and a bite on the cheek in VIP. Gary Lucy you crazy mofo. This did not stop the ladies from coming over and flirting though. It was like they were gaming for a ménage. I'm far too innocent for all of this, and was way too much under the influence of alcohol. I kindly bypassed the offers of Shisha. 'I'll stick to my mints', I thought. Taxi-time! I woke up the next morning fully clothed in bed feeling like I had been slapped by the hangover tree. My hands as red as my eyes, mints scattered everywhere!

Pictured: Hollyoaks Boys Past & Present: Gary Lucy (right) and Dave Atkins (left)

Pictured: From the Hollyoaks Vault: Gary Lucy (left) and Sarah Lawrence (right)

NEW VIDEO ALERT! SB.TV - Cher Lloyd - Dub on the Track Ft. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten & Ghetts [Music Video]

Cher Lloyd is Marmite. She stands out. She is interesting. This is not her next single. This promo for her UK urban collaborative synthesis is smart, Radio 1Xtra friendly and a long shot away from her pop debut. See what you make of it.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Well into it's 3rd successful year Mode has delivered another unprecedented promotional video in the run upto it's quintessential conclusion to 2011; Mode Casino Royal New Years Eve in association with Living Room Manchester where the pre-party will commence. Tickets are still available from 0161 838 5649 or guestlist@thisismode.com, plus look out for Jsky and DJ Carlton Delingo in the video below as well as leading roles from Craig Bramall, Stephen Beech, Chris Moore, Ally Wood, Sarah Lawrence and Edmir Plori.

Monday, 12 December 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Will.I.Am - T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) ft. Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez

Big budget, over the top ridiculousness. A delectable audio/visual vest fest for mass consumption that will be enjoyed until it runs out of gas. Cool but short lived at best. TV and radio will eat this up and I will enjoy it on a night out. I'll wait for the remix.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Daily Rat Race

A rat race is for rats. We're not rats. We're human beings. Reject the insidious pressures in society that would blunt your critical faculties to all that is happening around you, that would caution silence in the face of injustice lest you jeopardise your chances of promotion and self-advancement. This is how it starts, and before you know where you are, you’re a fully paid-up member of the rat-pack. The price is too high. It entails the loss of your dignity and human spirit. Or as Christ put it, “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?" - Jimmy Reid

Taken from www.nomadic-behaviour.blogspot.com.

Alex Nuttal Test Shoot


Saturday, 3 December 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Full Version)

I never fully understood this song, but the more you discover about it the more connected to it you become. This record is about embracing whatever obstacles you have to face and not allowing them to stop you. By marrying your weakness you can be stronger. Lady Gaga wrote the lyrics to this when she was dropped from her record label after first getting signed years ago. Now she uses it to empower others with a video that is just as dramatic and over the top as we have come to expect from her. Cereal anybody?