Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Image

Keep the image in your mind,
The belief in your chest,
That feeling of believing
That amounts to success.

Every action comes from thought,
Whether conscious or subconscious,
You will get there if you want,
Just make sure you're fully focused.

New Kelly Rowland Album 'Here I Am' Out Next Month

'She's on fire' proclaimed fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh in a recent interview with Alan Carr. Since leaving Matthew Knowles management Kelly has really come into her own and I'm very much excited to get myself a copy of the new album when it hits shops. This is definitely shaping up to be another strong year for her.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Belle Amie - Girls Up

The UK X Factor auditions might be underway, but do you remember the girls of Belle Amie who came to be on our screens last year. The group, now a threesome, have come up with a very nice concept for their first release. 'Girls Up' focuses on building the esteem of girls who feel the need to 'enhance' their bodies in order to conform to an unrealistic ambition of attraction; the resultant of advances in airbrushing and plastic surgery. Great message girls! Also check out Jsky, Belle Amie lead singer Sophia Wardman and the Big Brother boys partying in Manchester below.

Pictured [left to right]: Dale Howard, Jsky, Kris Donnelly, Sophia Wardman, JJ, Stuart Pilkington

Countdown To The Release of Beyonce - 4 (Deluxe Edition)

Beyonce's new album comes out on Monday but it's all about the deluxe edition. If you haven't checked out my review then it's definitely worth a read at http://jskychat.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-out-of-10-4-new-beyonce-album.html.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Box Is Broken

The box is broken through a poor support system,
Empty Inside,
Torn at the sides,
The box has caved in
From the rain and the sin,
The box has been burnt from within.

Ana Tanaka and Her Alter Ego

Some images of my girl Ana Tanaka surfaced on Facebook the other day for the new festival clothing line 'Alter Ego'. These shots are right up my street, and all the outfits are hand made. Great work Ana!

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Buzzin, Sweating and an Army of Women

Pictures: This Is Mode

The night began with an army of women in Wetherspoons Deansgate. Typical Saturday night, I [Jsky] was running late. I pulled up to Livingroom in a taxi pumping out dub step - classy! Who the hell do I think I am! I don't know when it first started happening, but as of late Livingroom Manchester on a Saturday night might as well be a nightclub. It gets so busy, and the DJ plays some proper cool tunes. It's a shame the room temperature doesn't match. There's nothing worse than melting at the start of a night out.

Everyone was hyped up for a really big night. New US Hip-Hop buzz artist Mann was in town performing an exclusive set at Bijou Club. Nights like this always bring out the best of the Manchester Scene so we made our way to the club around midnight.

Models Rhian Sugden and Ally Wood looked every bit sublime, whilst party girl Samii Darnley was an absolute delight from head to toe rocking a beautiful Aqua Couture dress. Living TV's 'The Hunks' star Jamie Spencer and Mens Health cover model Rupert Paddington Gomez also struggled to cope with the heat of the night. Gomez, in particular, stripped off his suit jacket to reveal an incredibly loose flowing navy blue vest top. Hey! Whatever keeps you cool, pulling out shapes without sizzling up like two fried eggs. The beauty of Bijou Club however is the terrace area which was very much needed before I dropped a jean size in sweat. Who needs the Kellogg's Special K Challenge when you're this moist!

A couple of guys said they recognised me from Wireless Festival or somewhere. I was convinced they had me mistaken but after pesting a drunken acapella of my hit 'I Need A Lover' on the terrace, I soon came to realise they had seen me perform at Glasshouse Leeds last year. Who was I to stop them from thinking I had perfomed at the Wireless Festival too. I let them have a photo ;).

Mann took to the stage at around 01:30am and I really got into the swing of the night along with Miss Manchester 2006 (Louise Cliffe), Miss Manchester 2009 (Sara Beverley Jones) and Miss Manchester 2010 (Elicia Davies). Manchester United Reserve player Ezekiel Fryers was every bit the cool dude, and one of Manchester's most notorious model agencies (Boss Models) latest signing Thomas Groom had an extreme air of 'dapper' about him. Fellow Boss Model Nicole Bailey, fresh from her excursion to the Dominican Republic looked sultry and with a healthy sun-kissed glow. Ex-Hollyoaks star and Bijou Club's leading lady Sarah Lawrence rounded up the army of women present for a trip backstage to party with the 'Mann' himself.

I left the club early after Mann's performance to cool down and have a nosey around The Village. I can't wait to see where the next Saturday night takes me!

Pictured: US Hip-Hop Artist Mann

Pictured: Jsky [centre] and an army of women

Sunday, 19 June 2011


One of my most beloved poems....

"I won't hide from the sun,
I am proud of my colours, each and every one,
I won't stay indoors,
I will thrive like my colours,
My colours have made me
Beautiful like a rainbow,
So I'm proud."

Friday, 17 June 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory

Gaga videos/performances are always over the top. She knows how to get the attention she craves but at the same time some her ideas have been pure genius. The new video for 'The Edge of Glory' aired yesterday online. See what you make of it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger (Preview)

The whole world is gearing up for US X Factor, but last year the UK version saw Cher Lloyd deliver what was arguably one the best first auditions the show has ever seen. Her journey on the show was somewhat varied and opinions were split. I'm still not sure what to make of this clip of her debut single, and I'm hearing all sorts about who she has worked with on her upcoming album. Definitely one to watch.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

The new Katy Perry video went viral 2 days ago and it's already amassed 4 million plays on YouTube. Geek-in-ell! Maybe they should have got Ugly Betty to make a cameo! Check it out, I'm loving the remixes.

Friday, 10 June 2011


The centre in a corner,
More rewarding than a lawyer,
Addictive like spending,
Isolating like drawing,
The process of unlearning,
The chasing and the falling,
Crashing and denying,
Defiance in accepting.

He didn't do it to me,
I did it to myself.

10 out of 10 '4' the new Beyonce Album

Yes it leaked but wow what a triumph! This album is a bundle of joy and when release day comes (28th June) I will be straight over to HMV to get myself a hardcopy. Effortlessly cool, knockout vocals and top notch production all contribute to make this one solid, tidy, Beyonce record.

Everything about this record speaks of new well rounded Beyonce. Tracks like 'I Miss You' are pure unwavering pain, heavily relatable and connecting like a Mike Tyson right hook. On the flip side tracks like 'Love On Top' and 'Countdown' are just carnival bliss. 'End Of Time' leaked a while ago and was an instant hit for me with it's dub rhythms and military heavy drums.

Looking forward to seeing the new video for 'Best I Never Had', and especially excited about watching her nail the new single live. 'Run The World' still manages to turn every girl into Beyonce at a party. I give this record the Jsky seal of approval.

The Ball

I've carried this weight for far too long,
Mental baggage that I can't manage,
Take the pain from which you've made,
You can have the ball.

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Far East Movement - So What?

These guys are kinda cool you know. 'Like A G6' was massive, although it took me a while to find out what the hell a G6 was (shameful!). Anyway, see what you think about the new video.

Katy Perry: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) [Teaser]

Visually and with good direction Katy Perry is making bold and in my opinion smart moves. The new off the cuff foolery for her latest music video 'project' will go down a treat in the US. Check out the teaser video below.

The Story of Saturday Night Gets Published in Elite Magazine

I'm very fortunate to be able to say that I now have my own section in Elite Magazine, following on from my recent interview in last months issue. What's more, besides the fact that this magazine is hugely successful online, it is expected to hit shelves monthly from August this year (so expect to see copies on the shelves of WHSmith very soon!). As well as featuring a 'Beauty Column' by my good friend Sara Beverly Jones (Miss Manchester 2009) and a 'What's Hot' section by Bijou Club host Jaydee Lou, Jsky is now also in the mix! Check it out at www.eliteonlinemagazine.com - click.

Lissy Summers Needs Votes!

Hey everyone, I know it's been a week since I last posted but it has been such a busy week I don't know where to start! Anyway my long time friend Lissy Summers is in the running to be the 'Face of Nitelife' and needs as many votes as possible. Lissy has done everything from Playboy, to Reality TV and even The Weakest Link. Winning this competition would be another well deserved string to her bow. You can vote for her by visiting http://apps.facebook.com/offerpop/Contest.psp?c=13198&u=4545&a=100142423390621&p=112936855385632&v=Entry&id=25435&rest=1. Also, check out her YouTube channel for clips like the below!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

NEW VIDEO ALERT! B. Scott - Kiss Kiss

I know I had this song posted on here ages ago, but the video has finally landed! Fashion forward, cracking cinematography and undeniably racy. Check it out!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

I know the video premiere isn't until tomorrow on T4 at 12:30pm, but why wait! Definitely a lot better than anyone would have thought from Ginger Aloud. Check out the video exclusive - this girl rocks!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Last Sunday, Geek had it's first ever party at Bijou Club with a Wild West theme. Cowboys, Indians and absolute carnage! Check out the new video!

Pictured: Domoniqué Peachess Latham [left], Jsky [right]

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum (Teaser)

Just saw this teaser clip from Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts upcoming single. Who the hell is this girl?! This is not the girl I remember! Always admired her transition into the quirky member of the band, especially after they tried to take her gingerness away from her by temporarily making her a brunette. Definitely curious to see how she's going to do, but then again I am nosey like that.

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Rihanna - Man Down

This was always an album favourite of the unreleased material, along with 'Raining Men' featuring Nicki Minaj. I've got some cracking memories of this track being played at Manchester Celebrity Hot-Spot Bijou Club. Check out the video below. Leona Lewis has also been incorporating this track into some of her live performances of 'Better In Time'.