Saturday, 14 January 2012

Skins Series 6 - Episode 1 Review

Skins has always been smart TV, so I was extremely excited about being given the chance to watch the first episode a week or so before it airs as part of my newly appointed E4er status. Disappointment was not on the menu. Set in Morocco I was transported into a new chapter of becoming and adult in a world far too dangerous for naivety to prevail. I submitted the following feedback to E4:

"Fantastic! Takes you on a journey through the full cycle of hedonism; from the joys of being young right through to the consequences of their actions which must make them all face growing up. The ending of guilt is perfect for leaving a lasting impression and making viewers think about how they would cope. This also makes you think about relationships and being honest. Looking forward to the next episode!" Jsky

Make sure you all tune in when the first episode airs on Monday 23rd January at 10pm on E4. If you can't wait until then you can catch it on 4oD this Monday. Follow @E4Tweets for all the gossip - they even follow me!

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