Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Kelly Rowland Record Is A Return To Her R&B Roots

Gone are the days when Kelly Rowland will be compared to the untamable force that is Beyonce. Following on from her Dance Chart successes with leading DJ's and a massive 27 million hits on YouTube for the R&B smoocher 'Motivation' with Lil Wayne, Kelly is now widely respected as a true artist in her own right. Her new album 'Here I Am' out this Tuesday has moments that will be cherished by both her Dance and her R&B fans, however more so for the latter. Coupled together with her upcoming TV breakthrough role as a judge on X Factor, we should expect nothing short of a fruitful year for Kelly.

Highlights include the David Guetta smash 'Commander' and 'Down For Whatever' for the commercial club audience. 'All Of The Night' and 'Keep It Between Us' will prove to be a winner for the chilled out R&B fans in a similar fashion to 'Motivation'. The Dance tracks are punchy, and incredibly catchy, whereas the R&B numbers are tangibly sexy. My only concern is as to whether there are enough moments in each genre to please both audiences. Perhaps a double-disc album to keep both genres as separate entities would have made more sense.

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