Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Lavish Has It

Pictured: Jamie Waite, Aimee Johnson [centre] and the Lavish Ladies

Last Saturday I ventured to Leeds to experience one of Jamie Waite's latest high end 'Lavish' parties for Tongue N Cheek Promotions. Everything from the decor to the throwback sounds spun by the prolific DJ Dan Hills was effortlessly slick. The promo girls sported a lace eye and danced like absolute rock stars, whilst I tried my best to keep up. Guests turned up wearing an ensemble of fresh amalgamations and the ratio of girls to guys must have been something crazy like 80:20 respectively. Much despite the fact that this night is still quite new to The Scene it has already attracted a roster of creatives including various soap stars, professional footballer players, working models and stylists. Make sure you stay glued to the Tongue N Cheek website for details of their next big night (http://ivegotcheek.com/).

Pictured: Jsky [centre] and the Lavish Ladies

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