Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Episode 3 + LATEST VIDEO!!!

(Pictured: Jsky, second from the right)

The night began in Living Room at a table booked out for the Bijou lot. Myself (Jsky), Sarah Lawrence, Sophie Reade, Elicia Davies (Miss Manchester '11), Munis and Craig Bramall started off on our first bottle of Grey Goose and mixers. Everyone from The Manchester Scene seemed to be on it...few familiar faces reappearing here and there to say hello.....few ballers, Stephen Beech, Kel El, Fiston Hoyi....even Mikey Fisher was in town!

When we got to Bijou Club I saw another old time friend, Marcquelle Ward. Long time no see. The local paparrazzi were onto the scent of the party already and were outside the club as we entered. The night was sponsored by so the girls were stopped for a quick photo in front of the Boohoo backdrop upon entering. As well as being the official Chase & Status afterparty, Jodie O'Conner of Roll Deep fame performed and's very own Umar Kamani celebrated his birthday. Also celebrating her birthday was the beautiful Hannah Jobe.

As per usual all the men were sniffing around Nicole Bailey like Pepé Le Pew chasing the pussy (pardon the pun). Daryl Doolan, my brother from another mother gets caught on camera trying to feel her booty and Adam Hogg gets a major Jsky style cockblock in this week's episode below. Rising UK Hip Hop artist Pisees was also in the building, as well as the stunning Merabi model Ally Wood who used to feature heavily back in the day when Mode was Vogue. Thomas Groom and Ash Harrison shared a bro-matic moment at the bar, and Matt Peacock hid from the camera as best as he could as the night went into full swing.

From Bijou Club I proceeded to an afterparty with Michael Al-Iskalachi and Luca Havern. I snook away though as Sarah Lawrence and Chris Moore were driving back from dropping a friend at the airport and had a Maccys breakfast with them. I thanked them for saving my life; the things we say after a few drinks. One naughty sausage and egg mcmuffin later and we were en route to Leftbank Apartments, Spinningfields where we would discover Craig Bramall passed out on a mattress on the floor. Messy night. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror..."what the f*ck i have come as!?" eyelashes, purple hair, pink nails, jeggings.....have a word and head take a wobble.....definitely taxi time and to take off this look.

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