Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: The Calm Before The Storm, Geek Boys Get Giddy + Nicole Bailey's Dress Drama

The night started slowly. From the outset, I had been defeated by a dress. Nicole Bailey had a new dress to wear to host Religion in, but the zip was jammed. We eventually got the zip to close but a gaping hole popped open in the middle. I gave up hope because I started to get a bead on (a bead of sweat on my forehead that is). No good getting moist at the start of a night ey. I sounded like a right p*ssy at work though on Monday when I had to explain that the bruise on my finger was from outfit drama.

Craig Bramall was running late with our vodka for the table, so myself (Jsky), Nicole, Munis, and Jade Saleh helped ourselves to a complimentary bottle of Bijou Shots. Only thing was we didn't realize that it was intended to have as shots, and we unobservantly topped our glasses like a child making Vimto. Being the lightweight that I am, I was well on the way.

I always like to enjoy my nights out at Bijou in stages; starting the night off at our table, observing the new crowd and catching up with friends, followed by dancing and vip pesting. This night played similar suite, and in a blaze of energy the Geek boys (Bradley Howard, Matt Peacock) and the Tongue N Cheek lads (Jamie Watie, Liam O'Dywer) injected the party atmosphere the night was waiting for.

The night got messy. Saffy Bux made a surprise appearance which I loved. Her Bij-inity was broken (Bijou virginity that is). Nicole Bailey was grafted on by 90% of the men in there (had to ask myself the next morning if even I was one of them). I remember Matt Peacock kept tw*tting me in the chest...BLAM! Proper wrecked as well it did; have you seen his guns! Third time he did it my b*stard chain broke. Grr lol. Wore brown shoes out and they got trodden all over and all. Not to worry though, they look vintage now ;). Funniest thing ever, Matt Peacock picking Munis up and tossing him in the air (pardon the pun) on the VIP terrace. Munis is only little though but he was literally centimetres from cracking his head on the roof. Gotta be careful boys.

I bailed out early again (bout 5ish). Had to be up early to model for Angelo Vallilo in Nottingham from after lunch. Beauty sleep was needed. More on that follow...

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