Sunday, 15 April 2012

Partying with Gaz (Geordie Shore) - Entourage, Manchester

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Arguably one of the UK's most notorious jack the lad reality TV characters, Gary Beadle (aka Gaz Geordie Shore) made Manchester his first stop to fulfill his partying needs, fresh from the latest batch of filming for MTV in Cancun. Joined by his off screen wingman Ryan Moore, Inked Up PR's Alex 'Shaq' Shafiq and fashion label Alex Christopher's publicist Paul Lloyd a very messy night ensued.

Pictured: Ryan Moore [left] and Gaz (Geordie Shore) [right]

Pictured: Gaz (Geordie Shore) [left] and Paul Lloyd (Publicist for fashion label Alex Christopher) [right]

Pictured: Gaz (Geordie Shore) [left], Ryan Moore [centre] and Alex 'Shaq' Shafiq (Inked Up PR) [right]

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