Monday, 9 April 2012

#Jsky25 at Vanity - Boutique Nightclub, Manchester

Pictured: Jsky and the Vanity Hostesses

Last Saturday night I welcomed in my 25th birthday with a performance of #Electrik at #Jsky25. I arrived at the club with Sarah Lawrence, Sara Beverley Jones, Amber Leigh, Louisa Sunshyne, Jade Saleh, Carl Malvern, and met the rest of the troop at the venue. The whole of the top section was roped off with personalised birthday frippery and the Vanity hostesses made there way over with sparklers and Belvedere. Most of the night is still very much a blur. The ratio of guys to girls was just silly though; the club was massively overpowered by women, literally only 3 guys in there at one point! Team Vanity really looked after me on my big day - thanks guys.

Pictured: Jsky performing Electrik

Pictured: [from left to right] Sara Beverley Jones, Louisa Sunshyne, Jsky, Jade Saleh, Amber Leigh - all as seen in Elite Magazine

Pictured: Jsky fully in the mix with Team Vanity

Photography by Harry Moore and Emilie Fanara

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