Friday, 16 December 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Gary Lucy Grafts + The Man Who Invented Donkey Kong!

I was running late. I had just watched The X Factor final and fallen on my arse. Well, I say 'fallen'....what I mean is I dropped, skidded and barrell rolled a couple of times on black ice. Cracking way to start a night out. Stellar performance Jsky. What is it with falling over in public? No matter how much pain you are in you will always shoot straight back up and try and act like nothing happened. My hands were bright red. I'd earned my first drink.

I limped over to Livingroom. It was extremely over-crowded, and there were a lot of guys trying to argue their way into the premises. One of the doormen recognised me instantly and let me cut in. Because I'm always rushing to get out on time I never really get to spend that much time on my outfit anymore. I gauge my outfits upon reaction. So far so good.

I was meeting my girl Sarah Lawrence. She was accompanied by Gary Lucy and couple of other friends. He seemed fascinated by me. I couldn't quite tell if he was taking the mic or just wasted. From Livingroom we were chauffeured to Panacea. I later learned that the gentleman sat next to me en route was responsible for inventing the first ever Donkey Kong and Goldeneye video games. I was well impressed.

Panacea was a lot of fun. Our table was complete with one of those ginormous man-sized bottles of Belvedere Vodka. There was only one way this night was going to end; the same way it started...with me on my arse! I bumped into my old friend from University Leon Doyle who joined us for drinks. This was the first time we'd caught up since his recent appearance on BBC's The Apprentice. He was still very much the same guy I remembered.

Midnight had passed us; Bijou time! Gary Lucy and I in our drunken state decided to amuse ourselves and make somewhat of an entrance. Inwards we waltzed, one arm linked, the other on each others bum. The crowd parted like the Red Sea, frozen expression and bewilderment in their eyes. 'What the hell is Jay doing!?', I relished the reaction. It was banter for the morning after. I did not expect this to be followed up by a cheeky snog and a bite on the cheek in VIP. Gary Lucy you crazy mofo. This did not stop the ladies from coming over and flirting though. It was like they were gaming for a ménage. I'm far too innocent for all of this, and was way too much under the influence of alcohol. I kindly bypassed the offers of Shisha. 'I'll stick to my mints', I thought. Taxi-time! I woke up the next morning fully clothed in bed feeling like I had been slapped by the hangover tree. My hands as red as my eyes, mints scattered everywhere!

Pictured: Hollyoaks Boys Past & Present: Gary Lucy (right) and Dave Atkins (left)

Pictured: From the Hollyoaks Vault: Gary Lucy (left) and Sarah Lawrence (right)

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