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Jskychat Exclusive: Anth Lowther - Hello One And All

Hello one and all, all of my brothers and sisters. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Anth Lowther. I have just turned 32 years old, something which I am very happy about. I’m on a path where my life gets better by the week. Getting older really excites me, although it wasn’t always like this. Let me fill you guys in a little. Since I am to write regular pieces, I think it would be beneficial if you understood who I am.

I was born in Newcastle and lived there with my parents until the age of 22. I left school at 16 straight after my GCSE’s. I studied and worked as a pharmaceutical technician in a product development lab for two years and then at 18 years straight into working as an avionics technician, constantly gathering socially recognised and accepted qualifications on the way; A levels and a JAR 66 aircraft license (sort of like a specialist degree for the electronics side of aircrafts). After years and years of doing these jobs, living my life in a comfortably numb place, just doing what I thought I had to in order to get by day by day, I eventually beat the fear of not knowing and followed my heart for one of the first times in my life and quit my job with no reason.

If I am honest, I was never happy studying either of the above. It’s not what I wanted to do. Deep down I always knew this. I was simply doing it for my pay packet, which was very rewarding. At the time that’s what I thought life was about: competing with everyone to secure the best paid job I could, to try and make the most money and thus create the best status for myself. True enjoyment and happiness were never really factored in. That’s what most people growing up in our society think life is about. For me it was head down Monday to Friday doing what I had to, out with the lads on a Saturday, hangover/lazy day on a Sunday, and then back to my job on Monday. As I say, I was comfortable in a way, but very numb. Groundhog life. Like a robot. Same people, same environment, same monotonous routine, none of which excited me in the slightest.

Not having a clue what I wanted to do when I quit, I understood that putting so much time, effort and energy into something I didn’t want to do was not the answer. I fast forwarded my life and shuddered at the thought of doing something that was such a chore for the majority of my life. Slavery in a way I guess. I’m not saying these jobs are terrible, I’m just saying they were certainly not for me. Quitting was scary, but it opened up huge doors in my life. I saw it as an opportunity to become me. I focused on the positives and tried to block out the potential negatives that people were reminding of constantly. It certainly gave me instant freedom. It gave me the chance to do something I had always wanted to do with all my heart and had never been able to, nor did I think I was ever going to be able to. So as soon as I quit, I informed my parents I was going to live in Ibiza. I followed my heart, went against what others and society was telling me was the best for me and I went to live in Ibiza for the summer, with the aim of having some time out to think about what I truly wanted to do with my time on this planet.

Going from an environment where I was forced to be with people I didn’t really know and that were not really like me, in a cold, dull, noisy airplane hanger, to being in one where I made a new friend out of every person I met, on the beaches and clubs and in the constant sun of Ibiza, took my life in a whole new direction. I was the happiest I had been in my entire life. The parties blew my mind and I decided that I wanted to run parties for a living. I mean, “Someone’s got to do it!” I thought, “Why not me?”. …… I created a life where I had nothing else I had to do. Not knowing at all how I was going to do this, I just made the decision, or promise you could call it, within myself and I started walking every single day in that direction. You don’t aim to build a wall, you lay the next brick as perfectly as you can, and soon you will have a beautiful wall.

This is why I tell everyone to always follow their heart. Do whatever you want; it will always work out in a magical way in which you can’t possibly foresee. You just got to have faith in the universe. All it does is works magic. Look around you. I spent the summer in Ibiza (and have been back pretty much every summer since). I then moved to Leeds for 4 years where I studied to get a PR degree. Since then, I have modeled for Storm and created several of my own very successful ventures, namely the events: SWANKYS, Paravana Project, Candypants, the male model and hosting agency Dynamite Hosts, the lifestyle website thedynamitelife.com and most recently, the clothing range MyDragonFly.

I took SWANKYS to Ibiza in 2009. It was a huge success, way beyond my wildest dreams. It was an overwhelming affirmation for me what anyone can do with determination, focus and when you allow love to overcome fear. That’s the test of this planet I believe. By harnessing all in the direction of LOVE at every opportunity away from work (which I struggle to call it as I love it so much!), Ibiza give me the bug to see the world and I have travelled and lived in vast array of different places; India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the many more. I have lived on little islands, in caves, jungles, ashrams and numerous other places that are completely different to the society I was born into. At times it may as well have been a different planet altogether. Each place stimulating different thoughts and which I had never previously had, giving me different life lessons through a vast array of experiences, all of which boosting my overall understanding of life and love….. whilst having the time of my life.

I have many hobbies and interests, playing the guitar, DJing, making music, keeping my body in the best condition I can through nutrition and various intense training methods, reading, watching YouTubes, playing chess, travel, all of which come under and are motivated my ultimate passion in life, which is to learn and to grow as much as I possibly can. Learn who I am, where I, and we, all come from and what we are truly capable of. To improve every single aspect of the body in which I reside whilst I am on this planet, on a physical, mental, spiritual and meta physical level. I aim to apply what I learn to myself and grow as a human in the most loving way I can, benefiting as many others as I can and mother earth herself. It’s a journey to discover the absolute truths of the reality in which we live. Using these and sharing them with the hope of creating a much better world than the warring, dying and competitive one which we are currently living on. I believe this to be all our ultimate destiny.

My main goal and focus in life is to do all I possibly can to facilitate in making world peace a reality. I have already made a promise to myself that I will never stop until it is so, I will go on till my last breath. I believe world peace is simply a choice, one which we all have to make, and my mind is already made up. When I look back, my internal and external journey has been truly magical and gets more so by the day. It has taken me down several unexpected, yet astounding paths. It has lead to me having an incredible passion and gratitude for just being alive on this truly magnificent, loving mother earth, in this miraculous advanced bit of technology in which we inhabit, known as the human body.

I now fully believe we are here, on this planet, just to be happy and to love every single second. I think it’s really simple, everything is simple, just follow your heart everyday in every circumstance and do the things you know you would love to do. Don’t worry and don’t fear the worst, as we unfortunately seem to have been designed to do from society. Fear is a delay mechanism. Man has complicated things way too much with man made rules, laws and limits being forced upon us, that are ever increasing in complexity and in quantity. I mean, food grows from the trees, water falls from the sky, air is around us all at all times, we have built all the houses we will ever need already, these things are all we truly need to survive and they are taken care for us by our true mother, nature. Why are there so many problems on the planet?

We all know deep down. I believe its time to stop turning a bind eye and all take our responsibility as part of the human family living on this magnificent planet who loves us with all her creation. Ok guys, sorry for long intro, but I want this to be personal. I need you to understand a little bit about me as a person and the journey I have been on, which has changed my outlook on life in a way I could not have previously imagined. I would also like to take this opportunity to say, everything I write about is the absolute truth from the experiences I have had in my life. You may not agree, but I’m not asking to, nor do I require anyone to. But remember, I have absolute no reason to lie to you. Now, down to my first piece.

Whether people realise it or not, we all have access to a massive power, a power which has the potential to change our lives. This powers potential is infinite, it is available to us in every second of every day and we all control this power 100 per cent of the time. It is known as ‘choice’ or ‘free will’. Again, whether we realise it or not, we are all influenced massively in the society we live in, from a vast array of external sources bombarding us all every single day. But, always remember, when it comes down to it, you’re the god in your world. You control your biomechanical machine, your body, no one else. No one is ruling your life; you’re ruling your life. You can do what you want, when you want, at all times. The absolute realisation of this fact empowers.

This leads me nicely onto my next point. I believe we, as humans, are on this planet to love life to the absolute max, whilst learning as much about our true reality as possible. I actually believe these two go hand in hand. I also believe true learning comes from experience. Reading books, conversating and other forms of learning are very important and effective, but nothing comes close to experiencing something first hand, being there in that moment, in a specific environment or situation and feeling the very specific emotions and thoughts that are born, adding to your overall human emotional experience of life. It would be hard to explain to someone what being drunk was like, and even harder for the receiver of information to imagine from only words. Only if that person got drunk could they fully understand what the experience of being drunk is truly like. I know you can all relate to this example! There are a lot of huge problems on the planet, turn on the news and you get bombarded with the terrible reality of the world. Away from news on a global level, from the conversations I have in general with people, it’s obvious that happiness is scarce. It’s a constant chore and battle just to get by for most people. Having to pay to live on a planet we are all born on, not only confuses me, but it puts massive instant pressure on every single human living in this world. The current systems of the world make it very hard to be happy. Bare with me people, I’m going somewhere with this!

Every single person that is walking this earth, or has ever walked the earth, comes across challenges, some bigger than others, but we all face some massive hurdles at some time in our life. Don’t let them beat you. It’s a choice, one that you control. Don’t let them, or anything stop you from becoming something incredible. View any challenge as a lesson or an opportunity for growth through experience. The harder the lesson, the more the soul grows. If you can do this, you will become very powerful. It’s easy to use the things that have happened in your life as excuses, but listen to me when I say, excuses are an illusion. They don’t exist. You have made them up yourself, nobody else. Power through any challenge with the best of your ability. When you get through it, I guarantee you will have learnt something about life, or about yourself, or something valuable that will lead to the evolution of your understanding of the reality we live in, thus every challenge, no matter how hard, can be viewed as positive, if you chose to do so.

I have learnt the best way to be truly happy, and this sounds obvious, but not many people have the courage to do it, is to follow your heart, listen to your inner signals, the super advanced bit of technology that resides within us all. Take direction from an internal source, not any external source. Do things that you know will lead to happiness for you (as long as your not directly taking away this same right for anyone else). Do things that you’re enthusiastic about. The word enthusiasm has Greek origins; it breaks down to “en-theo-siasm” which means “the god within”. Think about that.

If you simply constantly make decisions that lead to happiness, then you are making yourself happier and happier every single day. This is the ultimate path to be on and I class it as true success and believe it’s why we are really on this planet. Not to partake in the competition of hording man made objects. This is a race we all seem to be running at the minute, people, governments, corporations, nations, it’s a race that simply cant be won, by anyone. We need to start creating a world that is based on cooperation and not competition. It makes sense. We need to learn from our experiences on an individual level and on a global level and communicate them on a global level, which technology now allows us to do like never before (or so we think, but that’s another story!).

Be the best, most loving, positive, happy person you can be, every single day, in every single situation. Love yourself, love everyone and love mother earth. Live up to your true human potential. Become a super human that inspires every person you meet. Love your life. Spread as much love as you can. Imagine a world where everyone lived to this simple and obvious ideal. There would automatically be no war, no debt, no homelessness, no famine, no poverty. Surely the thought of this potential is at least worth trying for. It will lead to only positive things for you and for all others you meet, I guarantee. It’s all simply a choice.

I believe it’s time to wake up, to realise we were all born into a mad and confused world, and because we were born into it, we are blind to it. Love is the key, the power that can overcome any problem on this planet, and we all have the choice to love in every single second. If you learn how harness this ultimate universal power on an individual level, your life will change instantly in the most beautiful way. If we learn on a global level, we will change the world, literally creating heaven on earth. It’s at least worth a try…… right?

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