Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Story of Saturday Night: The Death of a Diva, The Bat of an Eyelash + A Slap in the Face

Should guys wear lashes??? Facebook status update. No/NO!/No never, if you do your not a guy!!!/NO!!/You're all too late ;) [1 like]

I'd done it. After several failed attempts the fake eyelashes were cemented and every blink produced a draft. These things were huge. Definite peacock material, notwithstanding the peacock necklace and earrings of course. I entered Livingroom amidst a gaze of gasps and the most unsubtle of stares. Not that I know anything of being subtle.

Sarah Lawrence looked cute in a fitted blue and white striped dressed that emphasised her chest. Pretty girl. It was about 1am that I got the text. We were all too busy enjoying ourselves in Bijou Club VIP. Whitney Houston is dead :( It was from Anthony Knight (@AnthonyJ_Knight). I refused to believe it. I checked Twitter; it was trending worldwide. God no. I had to tell the others. Tears followed as the news infected.

Fidel the local pest saw me sat down. 'Here we go' I thought. Week after week without fail he bugs the absolute crap out of me. Grabs my hair, doesn't take no for an answer, etc. Right nuisance, and tonight I was in no particular mood for his antics. Nice guy deep down, just a bad drunk. He grabbed my hair. I stood up straightaway 'Do that again and I will punch you in the face' I threatened loudly in front of his boys. I sat back down hoping that would be enough. It wasn't. In an attempt to show off even further he tried to pull off my right eyelash. Enough was enough. I shot back up and cracked him in the face. I know it was loud because people heard it over the music. I'm not a fighter nor do I condone violence. Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself though. There was a bit of a stand off and the atmosphere fell tense. For a second I thought a fight would break out, but then he disappeared quickly into the crowd....probably to cry. Hopefully he'll leave me alone now.

Pictured: Jsky and friends partying at Bijou Club

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