Friday, 23 September 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: The Boy With The Big Earring + TOWIE Chloe Sims Golden Wonder

Pictures and video by Jskyphotography

Last Saturday, like most Saturday nights out on 'The Manchester Scene', started off at Livingroom. Livingroom has become like the melting pot for promotors to begin their night in a last ditch attempt to sell their brand ethos. I made my way to the back and was pleasantly welcomed by Sarah Lawrence and Craig Bramall of Mode Events who got the Grey Goose in. After a quick hello to Geek party organiser Bradley Howard, Amy Ramsey made her way towards our table with MTV presenter/Kiss DJ Melvin Odoom. He was in town for a family Christening and Amy Ramsey was to be something of a tour guide for his night out in Manchester. Having met Melvin last year at a Swankys party I reminded him that there was another Swankys party coming up next month for Halloween. I text Sophie Reade to see how far she was. She too was inside, so I caught up with her whilst finishing off one almighty cocktail.

I arrived at Boutique Nightclub a little bit early. Upon arrival I was promptly escorted to the VIP table cordoned off for InkedUp PR/Chloe Sims and friends. InkedUp PR has somewhat crept up out of nowhere, but has quickly established itself as the reputable booking agency for TV personalities and popular music artists. There's even a rumour of Rihanna coming out in Manchester later this year with them.

Chloe Sims entered the club in a blaze of excitement from onlookers sporting a wonderfully golden garment, accompanied by InkedUp PR's main man himself, Alex 'Shaq' Shafiq and's owners Umar and Adam Kamani. The boys got the drinks in, and the party began to accelerate. Several Sambuca's, glasses of Moet and the odd Grey Goose later a very plastered Jsky and Chloe Sims made their way over to Bijou Club with the boys. It was late, but the VIP area in there was still going strong. It was great to catch up with Chris Moore, Nicole Bailey, Sara Beverly Jones, Ana Tanaka and Wayne Lineker. I did get a lot of attention for wearing such an over-the-top earring though. I have to thank Sophia Makuza for making it. It was adapted from a dreamcatcher and I think it looks really cool.

Pictured: Chloe Sims (The Only Way Is Essex) and Jsky (Jskychat)

Pictured: Alex 'Shaq' Shafiq (InkedUp PR) and Chloe Sims (The Only Way Is Essex)

Pictured: Umar Kamani ( and Chloe Sims (The Only Way Is Essex)

Pictured: Umar Kamani ( and Alex 'Shaq' Shafiq (InkedUp PR)

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