Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The New Beyonce Video

Beyonce Knowles has reportedly engaged 200 female dancers for the video to her new single Girl.

She has allegedly splashed out more than 60,000 pounds flying dancers from as far away as Nigeria as well as across America to California's Mojave desert this week.

Francis Lawrence - the director behind Will Smith monster flick I Am Legend'and videos for a string of stars including Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears- is shooting the big-budget promo.

'Girl' is the first single from Beyonce's fourth studio album - set to be released later this year - and masterminded by Diplo and Londoner DJ Dave Taylor (rumoured to be titled 'Round IV').

The track features a sample from their electro group Major Lazer's 2009 single Pon De Floor - which had a video that featured all kinds of naughty dancing.

This is BIG NEWS!!! Get into it! Also check out her latest shoot; Africa-chic! Her new album is expected to be released around the time when she headlines at Glastonbury. I'm guessing she'll do her first ever tweet @beyonce soon also.

Adapted from DNAIndia.Com

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