Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jskychat Exclusive: Dave Atkins Interview

Dave Atkins currently enjoys a leading role as Hollyoaks student Rob Edwards who's love for rugby and the student lifestyle come before that of his long suffering girlfriend Annalise Appleton. I caught up with him recently to get a quick interview.

How long have you been acting for? Previous experience.
I was in a play at High School and I have been acting since. When I left school I was in Northern Lights (which became City Lights), The Street, Doctor Who and also Candy Cabs. How old are you now? 22. That’s quite a lot of experience already. Yeah, there’s a few notches on the CV. It’s nice to be working here on Hollyoaks now on a character I can bring something different to.

What other actors are you a fan of/do you aspire to?
Emmett Scanlan (fellow Hollyoaks actor, who plays Brendan Brady). He’s amazing, and he’s been a big help.

Who has been your favourite Hollyoaks villain?
Again I would say Brendan Brady. I used to watch Hollyoaks before I was cast and he’s a really good character. He’s funny. He is, and there’s a lot to him.

Are you anything like your character?
[Laughs] Erm, [laughs] well, we have certain things in common. Like we both like to play rugby. I do see things in Rob that I have seen in other people.

You’ve seen me dressed up on a night out, and you’ve seen my blog. Tell me…what do you think of Jsky?
[Laughs] Yeah mate, you’re a top bloke. I’d just say you were a good lad; a top bloke.

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