Saturday, 30 July 2011

Leona Lewis Under Fire With New Track Collide

This isn't the first time Leona Lewis has been initially criticised for her interpretations of tracks with a cult following (Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Run...etc). This is a bold move in terms of her musical direction but also very much needed if she is to become exciting and current again, especially in the UK. Both versions of the song are nice, but what's important to remember here is Leona isn't 'stealing' music. Rights will be awarded and contributors will get their share. More to the point, Leona will open this track to a wider audience in a similar way to how Beyonce acted as a catalyst for Major Lazer's hit 'Pon De Floor' with 'Run The World'. Almost half of Leona's YouTube poll for this song is negative but I'm expecting a huge turnaround when the video surfaces.

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