Monday, 7 March 2011

The Story of Saturday Night: Sarah Lawrence's Flaming Birthday + Matt Peacock Saves The Gay

Anti-Mode/Bijou protesters often allege that we don't know how to party. That we never let our hair down. That we're all fake. Well, anyone that managed to get in on Saturday will know that this couldn't be further from the truth. Doors were closed shortly after midnight as we had simply outdone capacity.

We started off at Living Room, Deansgate with a table booked out for us to begin celebrating Sarah Lawrence's birthday. To begin with there was myself (Jsky), Regan (Snog, Marry, Avoid), Sophie Reade (Big Brother), Sara Beverly Jones (Miss Manchester 2009) and of course the birthday girl Sarah Lawrence (Hollyoaks). Matt Peacock, Fiston Hoyi, Samii Darnley, Munis, Amy Ramsey, Richard Fleeshman, Rhian Sugden, Scott and Ryan Thomas pursued to Bijou Club where the party went into full swing.

The bottles were literally flowing, especially after a collision with Matt Peacock resulted in Grey Goose spilling out all over my flares. There was no way I was moving from the table until my legs were dry. I was far too drunk to let people think I had wet myself or elaborate further than "Matt wet me!".

We did run into a little bit of table drama before-hand as some guys were under the impression they could claim squatters rights on our table as we hadn't turned up yet and refused to move. One guy even started on little old Munis. Matt Peacock being the hero that he is stepped right in to defend him. I remember hearing one guy saying "What's it got to do with you", the sort of prick comment you expect from someone who thinks that it is okay to start on gay people as surely no straight guy will step in. Matt's response was priceless "F*ck off or I'll knock you out". And he meant it. Low and behold the cowards backed off. Matt Peacock saves the gay.

Sparklers arose as Sarah Lawrence's cake made it's way to the table. Camera's flashing, everyone singing, all eyes on the gorgeous birthday girl in a little red dress. However sparks caught hold of her hair and the bottom right caught alight and began to spread, fast! Matt Peacock's faster than fast hands put out the flames before Lawrence barely even notices.

I left Bijou with Adam Jones, Munis, Nicole Bailey and some random lads, and took a taxi to 235 casino. There we bumped into Tom Curle, Adam Bailey, Ash Harrison and a few others. An hour or so of pesting later and myself, Munis and Nicole snook off to Stephen Beech's pad to see how the afterparty was doing. I grabbed a pepsi from the fridge as I needed to start sobering up. I checked the time: 06:47. I booked a taxi home. I was to sing in a showcase at 1:30pm. Definitely time to call it a night.


name dropper said...

Sarah is a bad slag,your shit at blogging and should maybe learn a few things from jaiden michael!! Poooooo site ohh and how many minus z list people can be in one party????

Jsky said...

stop hating just because i wouldn't add you on facebook. if you hated my blog so much you wouldn't be on here. grow the hell up, this is the only response you'll get from me.