Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Andy Gray Scandal

Everyone has been commenting on the Andy Gray story; the story of a Sky Sports presenter earning in excess of £1 million a year, who was recently sacked for alleged sexism over grounds of 'unacceptable and offensive behaviour'.

So, the question is...when does banter cross the line and become totally unacceptable (a question I myself am often wary of)...?

In Andy Gray's situation, my personal opinion is blurred. Whilst there is no denying the unmistakable apparent underlying smug disrespect for women in the world of football, there is also the knowledge that Andy Gray was in the process of trying to sue News Corp (Andy Gray's employers) for alleged phone tapping.

Some comments made I think were banter.

Others I think were foolish.

What's your take?

Read the full story at - click.

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