Monday, 23 January 2012

The Story of Saturday Night: Who The Hell....!?

Saturday night. First big night of the year. Late as per....
Not late late, just trendy late.

Pulling up to Livingroom in a taxi pumping out Love On Top, dressed like Jsky, who the hell do I think I am!? :D Facebook status update. Few likes. Party mode.

I was dressed in a vest and the loudest looking cropped jacket. My standout oversized earring blowing in the wind, and my eyes painted to cut through even the most flirt resilient. I already had a group of kids taking pictures on their phone, and a group of women call me Prince. Traffic on Deansgate was now slowing down to beep at me as I made my way over to Livingroom. Adrenaline: check. Now to get to our table at the back without causing too much of a stir.

I gave a few quick hello's as I made my way through the crowd. It's always good to smile as you enter a room; sets a precedence. It was great to be re-united with the old gang. Celebrity DJ Colin Francis was booked for a set at the re-opening of Bijou Club so we finished our drinks and headed over. The Bijou Chauffeur was on hand as usual to escort us, but I made sure to empty my pockets to the homelessman on Deansgate prior to boarding. Cold nights always increase my growing concern for anyone homeless.

Bijou Club was rammed, and aflow with people synonymous of other establishments. This didn't seem like a case of rivals keeping up with the competition either. Everyone was there to have a good time notwithstanding the BBM/Twitter rumourmill surrounding TOWIE's Joey Essex making an appearance in town. Sophie Reade messaged to say she was on her way. I told her all about the event I have coming up to celebrate my blog's 1st anniversary. We then proceeded to pull out some cringe-dancing to Rihanna in VIP. I love to dance.

Pictured: Jsky [Right] and friends

Pictured: Red Bull Manager Ross Hawthornthwaite [Left], Ex-Formula One GB Renault Driver Ross Worswick [Right]

Pictured: Brooke Vincent [Left], Sarah Lawrence [Right]

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