Monday, 14 November 2011

Rihanna On Fire With New Record 'Talk That Talk'

Rihanna's latest offering is an absolute delight. Fun, quirky, and filled with excitement. Opening up with her follow-up single to the highly infectious 'We Found Love' is 'You Da One'; a matrimony of jocularity and euphoric gestures of love. In reprisal of her Caribbean roots is the sunshine filled rhythms of 'Watch n' Learn', a record that screams of carnivals and craves to be pumped out of a car stereo. This indeed is a tasty album, wet by the club appetiser 'Where Have You Been' and sweetened by the beguiling exit number 'Farewell'. 'Birthday Cake' is pure filth executed like an audio binge, whereas 'Cockiness (Love It)' takes things up an extra notch. This is an album filled with potential singles. Very, very cool, and Rihanna's Barbadian accent is just as satisfying as ever.

01. You Da One
02. Where Have You Been
03. We Found Love (featuring Calvin Harris)
04. Talk That Talk (featuring Jay-Z)
05. Cockiness (Love It)
06. Birthday Cake
07. We All Want Love
08. Drunk on Love
09. Roc Me Out
10. Watch n’ Learn
11. Farewell

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
12. Red Lipstick
13. Do Ya Thang
14. Fool in Love

iTunes Bonus Tracks
We Found Love (Featuring Calvin Harris Extended Mix)

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