Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Boohoo 'Real Women' Open Casting Day with performances by Jodie Connor (Roll Deep) and Rio + Rosso Restaurant/Livingroom/Candypants

Pictured: The queue down Dale Street, Manchester

Pictured: Team Boohoo

Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) [left], Ryan Thomas (Coronation Street) [right]

Pictured: Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street)

Pictured: UK Hip-Hop artist Rio

Pictured: Misha Bryan (X Factor 2011)

Pictured: Jodie Connor (Roll Deep) [left], Umar Kamani ( [centre], UK DJ/Producer David Darwood [right]

Pictured: Misha Bryan (X Factor 2011) [left], Umar Kamani ( [right] at Rosso Restaurant

Pictured: Misha Bryan (X Factor 2011) [left], Sacha Parkinson (Coronation Street) [right] at Rosso Restaurant

Last Sunday, Umar and Adam Kamani of put on a casting day unlike no other for a 'Real Woman' to become a new model. has grown substantially and wanted to give a unique opportunity for a special somebody to be become represented. I arrived early but the queue was already all the way down the street. Auditionees were treated to a team of make-up artists, a test shoot and an airbrushed photo. Following this, they were presented with a catwalk in which to impress a celebrity panel of judges including Umar and Adam Kamani, Ryan Thomas, Michelle Keegan, Jodie Connor of Roll Deep and current X Factor sensation Misha Bryan. There was a short interval period in which Jodie Connor performed her chart successes including 'Real Good Time' alongside a performance by newcomer Rio. Myself (Jsky) and Ryan Thomas also did a bit of presenting and gave away 8 lots of £25 gift vouchers to several lucky ladies!

After the event the judging panel and I were driven down to Rosso Restaurant, where we met up with Stuart Pilkington and Scott Thomas. The food we were presented with tasted amazing, and was accompanied by an incredible jazz singer. We left Rosso Restaurant and headed over to Livingroom to get some more drinks in preparation for Candypants. There I bumped into Amy Ramsey who was out with Callum Best in celebration for her birthday. Manchester designer Nadine Merabi was also in town sporting another of her killer dresses.

After some heavy conversation from the boys (Ryan Thomas, Scott Thomas, Umar Kamani, Adam Kamani, David Darwood) and some heavy shapes on the dancefloor with Jodie Connor, we headed over to The Circle Club for Candypants. It was great to see Nicole Bailey doing her thing with the other Candypants girls. We didn't stay for very long though; it had been a really long day! Upon leaving the club I ran into Rhian Sugden, Ally Wood and Geordie Shore's Gaz. I asked him how his parsnip was doing or something cringe like that. It was definitely time for me to call it a night.

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